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Fisheries Division Of SVG Will Attend Regional Seminar In Trinidad

St. Vincent and the Grenadines will be represented this Thursday and Friday at a Regional Seminar in Trinidad and Tobago which will be held as part of the CARICOM/JAPAN Cooperation Agreement. Acting Chief Fisheries Officer, Jennifer Howard Cruickshank who will be representing the state during this two-day consultation tells NBC News that this seminar will… Continue Reading →

Osborne Bowens On The Increase Of Students Enrolling At The Technical Division

Dean of the Technical and Vocational Educational Division of the SVG Community College, Osborne Bowens, said he is pleased with the level of interest shown by students in the programmes being offered at the institution. He was speaking on the Face to Face programme aired on NBC Radio on Tuesday, to discuss issues relating to… Continue Reading →

National 1st Division Cricket Results

I-Shallz Byam Physical Therapy, Victors (2) and Radcliffe (2) chalked-up victories in last weekend’s National Lotteries Authority 55-overs a-side First Division Cricket Championship. I-Shallz Byam Physical Therapy beat Triumph United Cricket Club Team “B” at the Buccament Bay Playing Field.: iShallz Byam Physical Therapy won the game. Triumph United Cricket Club Team “B”: 27 off… Continue Reading →