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There Is Concern For Forest Destruction In Fancy

The Forestry department has expressed concern about the apparent destruction of the forests plantation within the Fancy area. The department says goats are allowed to run loose within the restricted forest boundaries for extended periods, causing considerable damage to trees and destroying the integrity of the forest and its environment. According to a statement from… Continue Reading →

Forest And River Management Awareness Arises Among The Local Populous

Senior Forestry Supervisor, Cornelius Richards, said Vincentians are becoming increasingly more aware of issues relating to forest and river management following the devastation caused by the December 2013 floods. He made the point while was discussing issues relating to forest and river conservation during NBC’s Face to Face programme. Mr. Richards the Forestry Department is… Continue Reading →

Close attention must be paid to what is currently taking place in forests across the nation.

The nation-wide relief effort is continuing here as Vincentians  welcome the New Year, with several persons still in shelters, following last week’s devastating flooding and landslides And as Vincentians continue to pick up the pieces, Prime Minister  Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has said close attention must be paid to what is currently taking place in forests… Continue Reading →