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Police to determine the identity of body discovered at Kings Hill Forest Reserve

The Police are still seeking to determine the identity of a woman, whose body was discovered yesterday. Police say, the body of the unidentified woman was discovered at Kings Hill Forest Reserve, between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. yesterday. The woman is dark in complexion, braided hair, 5ft 6ins tall, and weighing approximately 200 lbs…. Continue Reading →

2 Dead And 1 Missing – Police Investigations Continue

Police are continuing their investigations into the deaths of 26-year-old Glenroy Delpesche, of Petit Bordel, and 49-year-old Brian Baptiste of Sandy Bay. The police confirmed the bodies of both men were retrieved from the waters of Trois Loups last week Thursday, June 25th Postmortem examinations conducted on Monday on the bodies concluded that both men… Continue Reading →

Police Resume Search For Missing Persons – NEMO Establishes Crisis Centre

Police have resumed the search for the missing persons who were involved in an accident in Owia yesterday. The persons were passengers in a mini-bus went over an embankment and ended up into the sea at Rock Gutter yesterday morning. Police Officials say five bodies have so far been recovered and fourteen persons remain in… Continue Reading →