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Ashton Lagoon Restoration

The Sustainable Grenadines Incorporated (SUSGREN) said it is preparing to resume its work on the Ashton Lagoon Restoration Project on the Grenadine Island of Union Island. The project was officially launched in September 2015 and Residents on Union Island said they are expecting the Ashton Lagoon Restoration Project to bring significant positive benefits to their… Continue Reading →

Junior Ranger Pilot Program for 2015 Wrapped Up

The Sustainable Grenadines Incorporated (SUSGREN) says it has wrapped up its Junior Ranger Pilot program for 2015 and it will continue next year. Program Officer at SUSGREN, Orisha Joseph tells NBC News that through the Junior Ranger Pilot program they are seeking to create Youth Environmental Leaders by having children involved in programs of environmental… Continue Reading →

The Ashton Lagoon Restoration project

The Ashton Lagoon Restoration Project will officially launched today in Union Island. The project is being spearheaded by the Sustainable Grenadines Incorporated (SUSGREN). Acting Director, Orisha Joseph tells NBC News that the objective of the Ashton Lagoon Restoration project is to protect the environment while creating sustainable livelihoods for residents of Union Island. The launch… Continue Reading →