Deaths for Wednesday 8th January, 2014

MS THERESA WHISKEY better known as THERENE PARRIS of Calliaqua and Trinidad died on Saturday 21st December at the age of 52.  The funeral takes place on Friday 10th January at the St. Paul’s Anglican Church, Calliaqua.  The service begins at 4:00.


MR SHERMAN TONY JORDON better known as BOBBY of Owia died on Thursday 2nd January at the age of 31.  The funeral takes place on Sunday 12th January at the Owia Hope Baptist church.  The service begins at 2:00 p.m.  Burial will be at the Owia Cemetery.


MR ARTHUR NELSON of Frenches formerly of Trinidad and Tobago died on Sunday 5th January at the age of 87. The takes place on Saturday 11th January at the St. Bethel Spiritual Baptist Church, Block 2000.  The body lies at the church from 2:00.  The service begins at 3:00.  Burial will be at the Kingstown Cemetery.

We at NBC Radio would like to extend our condolences.