North Leeward Netball & Basketball Results

Dem Boys powered their way past Fitz Hughes Eruption 51-38 over the weekend in the North Leeward Stag Beer Basketball Championship at the Petit Bordel Secondary School Hard Court.

Lee Louie was the leading scorer for Dem Boys with 13 points, while John Williams with 13 led the scoring for Fitz Hughes Eruption.

Meanwhile in the Netball segment, Dynamic Girls edged past New Haven Stars 30-25. Shanel Mc Kie netted 19 goals for Dynamic Girls.

In other results, Strive On defeated Dr. Thompson’s All Stars 31-22. Odeen Culzac netted 25 goals for Strive on.

And, Strive On went under to Girls United 24-31 in their back-to-back matches. Veniesha Harry scored 20 goals for Girls United and Odeen Culzac 16 goals for Strive On.