Vincentions Expect A Lot From This Saturdays Rise Up Concert

Vincentians can expect a show of the highest calibre when they support the Rise Up Charity Concert which will be held at the Victoria Park this Saturday.

This statement was made by Entertainment Coordinator for the Rise Up Charity Concert, Charles Villareal said they have been hosting an extensive public awareness campaign and many Vincentians have expressed their support.

Mr. Villareal said the two main political parties in the country the Unity Labour Party (ULP) and the New Democratic Party (NDP) are also on board along with the Private Sector.

He said from the concert they are seeking to raise the four hundred thousand dollars which is needed to renovate the Maternity Ward at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital which was damaged as a result of the flooding on Christmas Eve.

He said the concert will also be streamed live via the internet as Vincentian entertainers join with their regional counterparts to host this activity.