NIS Officials Hoping To See One Hundred Percent Take Up

Officials at the National Insurance Services (NIS) say they are hoping to see a one hundred percent take up of the E-Submit service by local employers by June of this year.

Under the E Submit program, employers can enter the payments and other relevant information of their employers electronically thus reducing the use of paper and the need for queuing up at the NIS’s office and increasing the productivity between themselves and the NIS.

Executive Director Reginald Thomas says they take up of this service has not been as positive as they were expecting thus far, they will be heightening its Public Sensitization Program this year.

He said they continue to see many of the larger businesses in the country take up the service.

Mr. Thomas said they are continuing to enhance their systems so that they can process all records and other information in the soonest manner when they are sent to the NIS via the E Submit.