ICT-Led Innovation Workshop

This country’s innovation in Information and Communication Technology will be explored over the next two days during an ICT-Led Innovation Workshop at the Buccament Bay Resort.

Stakeholders from various sectors of St Vincent and the Grenadines will gather for the National Technology Innovation workshop, as part of the ongoing Caribbean Communications Infrastructure Program (CARCIP), coordinated regionally by the Caribbean Tele-Communications Union (CTU).

The workshop is the second in a regional series, the first one was held in St Lucia last week, coordinated by its Ministry of the Public Service, Information and Broadcasting.

Through CARCIP and with the support of the CTU, the governments of the three countries have been working toward harmonizing the development of their telecommunications infrastructure to maximize synergies and avoid inefficiencies.

The Workshop begins at nine this morning with addresses from Minister of Foreign Affairs and ICT Camillo Gonsalves; Senior Projects Officer at the Central Planning Division Marcelle Edwards-John; CARCIP Project Coordinator Roxanne John and Internet Strategist Bevil Wooding.