Biabou Football Results

Kevorn Cuffy scored (2) and Jerron Tesheira (1) as Brownstown Royal Saints defeated Sparta FC 3-2 at the weekend in the Hairoun Beer Biabou Football League at the Biabou Playing Field.

The goals for Sparta FC were scored by Velisha Roban and SU-DO Woods.

Highlanders FC went on a goal spree when they overwhelmed CHA-CHA GO-GO Boys 9-nil in the weekend’s other match.

The goals for Highlanders FC were scored by Alistair Williams (2) and there was a goal each from Ellrick Lynch, Julian Mc Nicholls, Kelroy Fitz-Patrick, Lass Haywood, Teddy Maloney, Earl Spencer and Maldin Scrubb.

Tomorrow’s match will be between System (3) COMPUTEC Cane End (1) from 4:30 pm at the Biabou Playing Field.