Launders Softball T20 Results

There were victories for South Rivers, Combined Sixers, Links and Rankers in the DIGICEL-Hairoun Lauders Sports and Cultural Club Twenty/20 Softball Cricket Championship at the Antoine Playing Field in Lauders.

South Rivers beat Rate Yo Boys Challengers by 53 runs. SCORES: South Rivers 112 off 16-overs; Ulron Wilkinson 37; Lara Deane 4 for 38, Keneon Fraser 2 for 7, Rate Yo Boys Challengers 60 11.2-overs; Keyon Allen 16; Antonio Butler took 3 for 9.

Combined Sixers gained an 8-wicket win over Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines All Stars. The scores: Bank of St. Vincent and the Grenadines All Stars 67 for 8 off 20-over; Mickie Grant 3 for 13, Rodney Lawerence 3 for 29, Combined Sixers 68 for 2 off 7.2-overs; Andrew Thomas 27, Rodney Lawerence 22.

Links beat the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police by 7 wickets. The Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police 68 off 17.3-overs; Saleem George; Shamic Roberts 4 for 24, Kenroy Cato 2 for 9, Links 70 for 3 off 9-overs; Marley Duncan 20, Juan Baptiste 13.

Rankers defeated Panthers by 20 runs in a match reduced to 17-overs; because of rain. SCORES: 92 off 15.1-overs. Rafael Peters 24, Jomo Toney 18; Noel Carr 4 for 3, Verrol Henry 2 for 14, Panthers 73 off 6.2-overs; Roberto Jackson hit 18.

The other two scheduled matches between Shaolin X1 and Country Meets Town Out-Ah-Trouble and Sea Operations Nar Fren Dem verses Dr. Thomas Injectors had been re-scheduled because of rain.