Baibou Football Results

Owia and Greggs FC won matches at the weekend in the Hairoun Beer Biabou Football League at the Biabou Playing Field.

A goal each from Jamarlie Lavia, Sylvannus James and Mikhail Culzac secured a 3-1 win for Owia over Solidarity Inc. Sparta FC on Saturday.

Velisha Roban netted the goal for Solidarity Inc. Sparta FC.

And, Greggs FC defeated Biabou United 4-3 on Sunday. Greggs FC’s goals were scored by Oliver Johnson, Jerrad Ashton, Glasford Duncan and A-DIM-BA Simmons.

Zeron Samuel (2) and Desron Kydd (1) were Biabou United’s goal scorers.

Tomorrow, LP Boys will meet Unique Warriors of Colonarie from 4:30 pm also at the Biabou Playing Field.