Sir Vincent Beache On Weakness In Vincentian Society

The National Commission on Crime Prevention Chairman (NCCP), Sir, Vincent Beache today said there are several weaknesses in the Vincentian society.

Mr. Beache’s remarks came today at a symposium hosted by the NCCP which targeted child abuse here.

In highlighting a host of issues in our society such as reduced value and respect for human life, the erosion of family values and the sensationalizing of crime and violence by some media house, Mr. Beache said the Vincentian society is not what it used to be.

The NCCP chairman added that the ease of cultural penetration is one of the weaknesses that is affecting Vincentian youths here. He said it is so acute that students are not aware of it.

Mr. Beache said the major right of a child is to be nurtured and be protected. He said this can only be done if proper parenting is available.