CWSA Water Restrictions

The Central Water and Sewerage Authority, CWSA, says it will be restricting the water supply from the Montreal system, as the continuing lack of rainfall has resulted in a decreased inflow at a number of intakes.

In a release issued yesterday, the CWSA said since its notice of drought conditions some five weeks ago, the continuing lack of rainfall through the region has now resulted in a further decrease in the inflow from the rivers at three of its major intakes: Dalaway, Majorca and Montreal.

The release says production at these three systems is now estimated to be below 50-percent, with the worst affected being the Montreal System, which supplies manly the Marriaqua Valley, Belmont and some areas in the south-east of the island.

The CWSA said during the past five weeks, its technical staff has been trying to avert the need for rationing the supply, by closely monitoring and managing these three systems. But, it says given the forecast of relatively low rainfall amounts throughout the region, in the forseeable future, it has now arrived at the situation where the water supply from the Montreal System, in the first instance, will have to be restricted.

The release says, additionally, because of the reduced supply from the Majorca and Dalaway systems, it is also expected that residents at higher elevations in and around Kingstown and its environs, and including Upper Ratho Mill, may also experience short periodic interruptions during the daily peak hours of 5am to 9am and 5pm to 8pm.

The CWSA says it will continue to keep the public informed by giving details of planned interruptions, affected areas and times. It urged the public to observe strict water conservation measures by eliminating waste and reporting leaks promptly.