Major Restructuring For Gospel Fest

Chairman of the Gospel Fest Committee Fidel Taylor says the time has come for a major restructuring for the Annual Gospel Festival, which is into its 12th year.

Mr. Taylor’s remarks came on Sunday as the festival came to a close. He said the festival is not only facing difficulties with sponsorship due to economic hardships, but it is also seeing a decline in participation due to the migration of artistes.

He said there is a need for re-building as there was once a time when the festival would feature around 45 dance groups which has now declined to twelve and where there were twelve to fifteen bands Mr. Taylor said the committee is struggling to get at least three bands.

Mr. Taylor pointed out that the festival does not belong to the committee it belongs to the churches, and hence, he called on the churches to own the festival and make a more substantial input.

He said the committee is working towards getting more exposure for local gospel artistes.