Two Men Wanted By The Police Have Turned Themselves In

The two men who were wanted in connection with the death of Kyle Phillips of Lowmans Leeward have turned themselves in to the Police

Police say 31-year-old Jason Henry also known as Two-B and 25-year-old Rodney Roberts alias P-2 showed up at the Police Station this morning accompanied by their Lawyers.

The police say they men are of interest to the investigations into the shooting death of Kyle Phillips who died on May 6th at Lowmans Leeward sometime after 9pm.

It is reported that Kyle Phillips was approached by two unknown assailants who shot him. He sustained gunshots wound to his stomach and left hand. He was taken to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital where he died.

The Police say that both Henry and Roberts, are considered armed and dangerous.

Rodney Roberts is 5ft 10inches dark in complexion, while Jason Henry is 5ft 7 inches and also dark in complex.

If seen persons can contact the Police.

They say all calls will be treated in confidence and persons can remain anonymous.