Louann Gilchrist Education Symposium

Chief Education Officer, Louann Gilchrist says the National Accreditation Board has a vital role to play in helping Vincentians to access quality education from tertiary level institutions.

Miss Gilchrist made the point as she delivered remarks at the opening of a one-day Symposium being hosted today by the Accreditation Board.

The Symposium is being held to discuss the possibilities and challenges of investing in tertiary level education.

Miss Gilchrist noted that larger numbers of Vincentians are seeking to pursue tertiary level education, as they seek to take advantage of the Education Revolution.

And she advised persons to be cautious when embarking on this journey.

The Symposium is being held under the theme: “Investment in Tertiary Level Education: Its Possibilities and Challenges”.

The Forum is being held at the NIS Conference Room.