Home Gardening Training Program

Twenty three householders, accompanied by a number of students of the Langley Park Primary, are currently involved in a one week training program on home gardening.

The training has been organized by the Rural Transformation Unit as part of its development plan for rural communities.

The objective of the program is “to contribute to food and nutrition security and increased economic self-sufficiency of rural households”

The participants include persons already into aspects of home gardening and students of the Langley Park School who are similarly involved. The agenda comprises training in aspects of: Plant Propagation, Good Agricultural Practices and Pre and Post Harvesting practices.

The training commenced last Thursday 10th July and will come to an end this Thursday 17th when seeds, seedlings and fertilizers will be distributed to the participants who are expected to commence the planting of small gardens comprising mainly of cucumber, lettuce, sweet peppers, cabbage and tomatoes

The Staff of the agricultural Extension and Advisory is conducting the training.