Greg Francois On Proper Waste Disposal – On The Beat Programme

The Solid Waste Management Unit in the Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA) is encouraging persons to make a concerted effort to protect the natural environment through proper waste disposal.

This appeal came from Collections Superintendent at the Solid Waste Management Unit, Greg Francois, as he discussed issues relating to solid waste management on NBC’s Police On The Beat programme.

Mr. Francois said the unit is concerned about the seemingly lack of regard for environmental protection, by some members of the public.
Mr. Francois is also appealing to minibus operators to ensure that the necessary facilities are in place to properly dispose of garbage.

1 thought on “Greg Francois On Proper Waste Disposal – On The Beat Programme

  1. Thank you, Mr. Francois for this, for your effort and for trying to build and promote a greener environment. I agree with you that people (although not all) have a lack of regard for environmental protection; this is very evident in today’s rising issues on soil and water system contaminations. This really need to be stopped before it’s too late and let’s all start disposing hazardous wastes properly.

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