Garifuna Summit Opening

Delegates from the Garifuna Movement from several Regional and International Countries are here to attend the conference, which is being spearheaded by the Garifuna Heritage Foundation.

Delivering remarks at the opening of the Conference, President of the Foundation David Darkie Williams said he hopes the issue of reparations will be examined at the Conference.

Meanwhile … Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of Culture Luke Browne commended the Foundation for the hosting of such an important conference
The keynote address was delivered by Cultural Anthropologist Dr. Sheila Walker
Meanwhile … a Panel Discussion will be held at the Memorial Hall today to address several issues regarding the Garifuna Experience.

Topics include “Vincentian Caribs after 1797; Genetic Pers-pectives on Garifuna ancestry and Emergence in St. Vincent and Physical and Cultural Legacies of the Garifuna.

And … Primary and secondary school students from across the country will have an opportunity to be more enlightened about local culture with the staging of the Schools’ Garifuna Folk Festival today.

The Festival will be held at the Victoria Park, under the theme: ‘Children of Chatoyer, Fruits of Our Heritage’.

It is being co-ordinated by the Ministry of Culture as part of activities to coincide with the hosting of the 2nd International Garifuna Summit.

Dance Development Officer in the Ministry of Culture, Maxine Browne, said that the event seeks to foster a better appreciation of local culture among students.

She also said that the event seeks to be a fun-filled learning experience for the students.