The Argyle International Airport May Broaden Market Opportunities For SVG

The International Airport at Argyle is expected to play a critical role in enhancing the viability of the local Fishing Industry.

Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Saboto Caeser raised the issue, during his remarks at the official launch last week of the 2015 edition of the
Fisherman’s month of activities.

He pointed out that the Fisheries sector cannot achieve its full potential, unless the issue of market access is effectively addressed.
Minister said that investors are likely to be more inclined to get involved in Fish Exports, once the issue of market access is addressed.

The Fisherman’s month of activities was launched last week under the theme “Forty Years of Harvest, accept no less, Fish is the best” and the slogan “Put a Fish on Your Dish”.

The activities will run for forty days, culminating on May 25th