The Farmers Support Company Is Urging Ribbon Tagging

The Farmers Support Company in the Ministry of Agriculture is urging local Banana Farmers to get involved in the ribbon tagging process, as the Ministry moves to improve the quality of local produce for the international market.

A release from the Ministry says Farmers are required to begin ribbon tagging by August 3. It says the Farmers Support Company will not be purchasing Bananas from Farmers who do not comply with this requirement by this date.

The Ministry says Banana Farmers are also required to pack standard fruit with the required finger length of 8 inches minimum and above. Failure to comply with the required finger length would result in the boxes being rejected and possible suspension of purchasing of bananas from farmers for period of 3 weeks.

It says the Farmers Support Company would be engaged in the purchase of finger lengths, buying small bananas with finger lengths from 7 inches minimum to 8 inches only upon request.

All banana farmers are being urged to adhere to the standard fruit quality.