Voter’s List For 2015 Will Be Published In July

The Electoral Office says the Voter’s List to be published in July 2015 will only contain the names of those persons who were registered, or who last updated their voter registration between 1st June, 2005 and the date on which the Voter’s List is published.

A release from the Office says this follows the passing of the Representation of the People (Amendment) Act, No. 8 of 2015 in Parliament last week Thursday, 28th May, 2015 and gazetted on Friday, 29th May, 2015.
The release says the Act provides the Supervisor of Elections with the legal support to reduce the size of the current Voter’s List.

It says the Supervisor of Elections is, however, bound by this Act to publish in the Gazette, the three local newspapers and via electronic means the names of all those persons whose names are to be removed from the Voter’s List.

The Governor General will issue an Order to signal the start of the process, and these individuals who will be affected by this Amendment will have thirty (30) days in which to update their registration, and/or to refute the claim by the Supervisor of Elections that their names ought to be removed from the Voter’s List.

The Office of the Supervisor of Elections is therefore urging all nationals and residents of the State of St. Vincent and the Grenadines who are eligible to be registered as voters to ensure that they visit one of the registration centres in their respective constituencies, or the Electoral Office on Bay Street, Kingstown as soon as possible to register as a voter, to update their voter registration, or to clarify their registration status.