2015 LIME Netball Shooting Results

Skiddy Francis-Cricket of Vita Malt Maple was the National Netball Shooting Competition of this year’s LIME VINCY Upgrade National Netball Championships yesterday at the Netball Centre at New Montrose.

Second was Thelma Foster also of Vita Malt Maple Club and Shellise Davis of Western Union Mitres third.

The National Netball Championships will climax tomorrow with the National Knockout Final between two of the country’s top Netball Clubs Western Union Mitres and Vita Malt Maple.

That game is scheduled for 5 pm and will be followed by the Presentation and Closing Ceremony for 2015 Championships.

Addresses are expected to come from a representative of the Ministry of Sports, a Representative from Sponsors, LIME and President, Dellarice Duncan.