Junior Calypso Results

There was keen competition in the Junior Calypso and Soca Monarch Competition held at the Victoria Park yesterday.

The results are as follows:

In the Junior Calypso Primary Category
1st – Kristian Christopher from Layou Government School – song Your Attitude determines your altitude.
2nd – Cha-Chanie ‘Lady Cha-Chanie’ Morgan from New Prospect Primary – Youths we have to work together
3rd – Dale-Ann ‘Lady Ann’ Nero from Sandy Bay Primary – Teach Me.

In the Secondary Category
1st – Ishanna ‘Queen Shanna’ Phillips from North Union Secondary with her song Rock Gutter
2nd – Kristianna Christopher – Thomas Saunders Secondary – Time longer than Twine
3rd – Kelisa ‘Singing Kelly’ Barker – North Union Secondary – Have Some Faith

In the Junior Soca Monarch competition
1st – Kelisa ‘Singing Kelly’ Barker North Union Secondary School – Love Me for Me
2nd – Niesha ‘Skinny Gal’ Richards West St. George Secondary – Soca Disaster
3rd – Sakura ‘Soca Princess’ Lorraine – Sandy Bay Secondary – I Want to sing Soca.