Breakaway Firms Football Results

There were victories for the Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA) and the Ministry of Education at the weekend, in the Senior Division of the Digicel/St. Vincent Brewery Aeropost Breakaway Firms Invitational Football Championships at the Grammar School Playing Field.

CWSA beat Digicel 2-nil. Winston Bascombe and Orlon Clouden scored a goal each.

A goal each from Marlon St. John, Kenny Glen and Nicolai Williams gave the Ministry of Education a 3-1 win over Gibson’s Building Supplies.

Kish Franklyn netted the goal for Gibson’s Building Supplies.

In the Agriculture Input Warehouse Under-16 Division, Volcanoes defeated Fisheries 2-nil. Ahmar Delpeche and Meshach Pierre were the goal scorers.

Otis Barbour scored the only goal as A-DARE defeated System Three (2) 1-nil.

And, Layou secured a 2-1 victory over System Three (1). Scorers for Layou were Chestlon Hendrickson and Kenyre Joseph.

Gionvanni Ollivierrie nettedresponded for System Three (1).

This afternoon in the Under-16 Division, Belfongo will meet United Strikers from quarter past three and at 4:35 pm, Bonadie’s will oppose Coreas/Hazells in the Firms Senior Division.

All matches at the Grammar School Playing Field.