Funds Transfer To Dominica

The second transfer of funds from pledges made during last month’s radiothon was made to Dominica yesterday.

This transfer to the Erika Relief Account at the Dominica National Bank is in the amount of $15,000.

On 6th September, eight local radio stations teamed up in a response effort by staging a radiothon to receive pledges from the public to assist in the recovery, in the wake of severe damage caused in Dominica by the passage of tropical storm Erika on August 26th.

A total of $53,324 was pledged and $44,517 have so far been deposited.

This means that an amount of $8,806 remains to be deposited from pledges made.

The relief effort benefited from an additional amount of just over $12,000 which was on the account thus enabling a total of $55,000 to be sent to Dominica.

The account was established at the then National Commercial Bank to receive public pledges in the wake of the passage of Hurricane Ivan which devastated Grenada in 2006.

Local radio stations also came together in a similar relief effort for Grenada.

There is still $8,806 still to be deposited from pledges made from the radio-thon on September 6.

Persons are encouraged to make good on their pledges as the account (#134399) remains open.