Dr. Ralph Gonsalves Sworn In As Prime Minister Of SVG

The ceremony to swear in Dr. Ralph Gonsalves as Prime Minister was held at Government House on Thursday. Deputy Prime Minister Louis Straker and Attorney General Judith Jones Morgan were also swear in, after the Unity Labour Party was re-elected in Wednesday’s General Elections.

The Prime Minister took the Oath of Office witnessed by the Governor General, family members and other officials.

He thanked the electorate for the support given to the ULP Administration and said he intends to be Prime Minister for the whole of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Dr. Ralph Gonsalves said he is now looking forward to the task lies ahead , he expressed thanks to the electorate for what he said was a magnificent victory.

He pointed out the the new Cabinet of Ministers is expected to be announced by Monday, followed by the preparation of the 2016 Budget.

The Prime Minister noted during his fourth term, he will also focus on the transition to the next generation of leaders.

Meanwhile, Governor General Sir Frederick Ballantyne in his address appealed for calm and urged nationals to show love and forgiveness.

The Swearing- in ceremony was delayed after supporters of the New Democratic Party took the streets on Thursday demanding a recount of the votes in Central Leeward.

Unity Labour Party Candidate Sir Louis Straker had been declared winner by 314 votes, however the New Democratic Party says its candidate Benjamin Exeter won by six votes according the results communicated to them via their agents in the Central Leeward Constituency.

The Election results show that the ULP retained the 8 seats it held following the 2010 General Elections.

The ULP held on to the North Windward Constituency, contested by Montgomery Daniel, the North Central Windward Constituency represented by Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, South Central Windward – Saboto Ceasar, South Windward – Frederick Stevenson, Marriaqua – St. Clair Jimmy Prince, East St. George – Camillo Gonsalves, West St. George – Cecil McKie, and Central Leeward by Sir Louis Straker.
The New Democratic Party, NDP, also retained the seven seats which it won in the 2010 General Elections.

The NDP retained the North Leeward Constituency, contested by Roland Patel Matthews; the South Leeward Constituency represented by Nigel Stevenson; East Kingstown – Arnhim Eustace; Central Kingstown- St. Clair Leacock; West Kingstown- Daniel Cummings; Northern Grenadines – Godwin Friday and Southern Grenadines -Terrance Ollivierre.

The ULP secured 52-percent of the vote, while the NDP trailed with 47- percent.