Bowman Call For Am Implementation Unit To Be Set Up In CARICOM To Ensure That Social Security Initiatives Are Implemented

The Chairman of the Board of the National Insurance Services, NIS, Lennox Bowman has called for an Implementation Unit to be established in Caricom, to ensure that Social Security initiatives are expeditiously implemented.

Mr. Bowman made the call, as he addressed the opening of the 25th Annual Meeting of CARICOM Heads of Social Security, which was held at the National Insurance Services Conference Room.

The meeting brought together 12 of the 15 member countries that have ratified the CARICOM Reciprocal Agreement on Social Security, and included training sessions aimed at equipping the member states with the technical capacity to effectively implement it.

During his remarks, Mr. Bowman pointed out that Caricom Heads of Social Security have been taking too long to implement their decisions.