North East Football Closing Results

The Under-13 and Under-17 Divisions Titles of the North East Football League were decided last weekend at the Colonarie Playing Field.

South Rivers won the Under-13 Title after a 1-nil victory over SV United, with Sparta FC beating Owia FC 3-nil to take third place.

SV United emerged Under-17 Champions after a penalty shoot-out victory over Greggs FC in the Final. The teams had played to a goalless draw at the end of regulation time.

Chapmans United were third following their 3-1 win over Park Hill United.

The outstanding players in the Under-13 Competition were:
MVP: Kieann McMillan (South Rivers).
Most Goals: Amron Thomas (Sparta FC) with 11 goals.
Best Midfielder: Saviola Blake (Sparta FC).
Best Defender: Emi Balcombe (SV United).
Best Goal Keeper: Asroy Cruickshank (Sparta FC).

And in the Under-17 Division:
MVP: Dwayne Cupid (SV United).
Most Goals: Zidane Sam (Greggs) with 10 goals.
Best Midfielder: Terris Joseph (Chapmans).
Best Defender: Jay-z Ryan (SV United).
Best Goal Keeper: Nickron Billy (Chapmans).