Climate Change Action

Ashley Caine, Chief Agricultural Officer, has called on local stakeholders to do their part with positive actions in addressing the issue of Climate Change.

Mr. Caine was speaking at the opening of a National Symposium on Climate Change which was held at the Methodist Church Hall today.

“Climate is changing. Food and Agriculture must too” this is the theme under which the workshop is being held.

Mr. Caine said Climate Change is a major global concern and Agriculture has an integral role to play in maintaining and controlling this issue.

Meanwhile, Kozel Fraser, Coordinator of the Windward Islands Farmers Association (WINFA), encouraged local stakeholders to share their views on the issue of Climate Change during the workshop. She also noted that, “…it is only through meaningful partnership, solidarity and collective action that we could truly break this climate challenge.”

She said the outcomes of today’s seminar will have significant impact on charting the way forward on the issue of climate change on the local scene.