Schools Rally

Three important qualities have been identified by St. Clair Prince, Minister of Education as being vital to nation-building.

Minister Prince outlined the qualities, during his remarks at the Schools Independence Rally, held at the Victoria Park on Wednesday, as part of the celebrations to mark this country’s 37th anniversary of Independence.

He said Integrity, Selflessness and Tolerance must be encouraged among students and Educators. He added that integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles while being selfless is putting others needs before your own by self-sacrifice and tolerance is accepting differences of opinion/behavior, which will help us to build our achievements in the field of education.

Minister Prince also commended the 16 National Awardees who were recognized at Wednesday’s Rally. He said it took a combination of persons working together to achieve a goal and this same of attitude or approach is what is needed to engender national pride in all of us.