SVG Adoption Committee

Following months of stagnation, the process of adoption in St. Vincent and the Grenadines will now continue, through a nine member adoption committee that took an Oath of Secrecy during a press conference, which was held at the Ministry of National Mobilisation this morning.

Frederick Stephenson, Minister of Social Development explained that the process of adoption in St. Vincent and the Grenadines was suspended due to the absence of a committee, as mandated by Section 85 subsection 3 of the “The Child Care And Adoption Act”.

Minister Stephenson noted that the nine-member committee is comprised of Director of Family Services-Anastacia Harry, Director of Social Development-Merissa Burke; Co-ordinator of Gender Affairs-Polly Olliver; – Dr. Josel Miller, representing the Ministry of Health – Kezron Walters – representing the Attorney General Chambers; Gwenneth Cambridge–representing the Ministry of Education; Major Pierre Antoine representing the Salvation Army and Camille Johnson– Secretary to the Committee.

During his address at this morning’s event, Minister Stephenson said there was a delay in the establishment of the Committee, because a number of regulations had to be put in place.