Increase In Accidents

The Traffic Branch Department of the Royal St. Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force said there was an increase in the number of reported accidents in 2016 compared to 2015.

Last year (2016) there were 938 reported accidents, an upsurge from 845 reported accidents in 2015.

Of the 845 reported accidents recorded in 2015, 176 resulted in injuries, while 664 did not. In that same year there were 15 fatal accidents in which 25 persons died as a result of those accidents.

In 2016 of the accidents reported, 180 resulted in injuries while 751 did not and the year 2016 ended with a total of 7 fatalities.

Station Sargent Henry Providence attached to the Traffic Department – told NBC News that a number of areas in which accidents were frequent, have been identified, hence his department will increasing its presence in those areas.

Sargent Henry also noted that there were many challenges in 2016, particularly in relation to parking. He said they understand and appreciate that parking in Kingstown is limited but they also identify that persons are not willing to park in the available carparks.

He pointed to the issue of the sidewalks, which he said could create a problem for pedestrians. They recognize that the sidewalks are crowded with vendors and pedestrians have to walk in the road which creates some level of unsafety to them.