Dougie’s Punch of Cream and DYE-E’S Fried Chicken recorded victories yesterday at the Largo Height Playing field in the Primus Mini Mart Largo Height Football Championship.

Defending champions, Dougie’s Punch of Cream unleashed a 3-1 vengeance over Farmers United after suffering defeat in two previous games.

Deighton Badnock, Orion John and Talbert Stevens scored a goal each for Dougie’s Punch of Cream. The goal for Farmers United was scored by Camill Arthur.

In the other match, DYE-ES Fried Chicken defeated Tanty’s Food and Beverages 2-1. Shorn Boyea and Arnott John netted a goal each for DYE-E’S, while Jarrol Mc Master registered the goal for Tanty’s Food and Beverages.