As the Thomas Saunders Secondary Sports programme got underway, Webb House (YELLOW) won both the Girls and Boys Race in the School 16th Annual 6-leg Road Relay, earlier today.

In the Girls Race, Webb House won the Event in 18 minutes, 07.16 seconds, second was St Hill House (GREEN) in 19 minutes, 01.21 seconds, third was Saunders House (RED) in 21 minutes, 19.54 seconds and Jones House (BLUE), fourth in 22 minutes, 44.04 seconds.

Webb House won the Boys Event in 14 minutes, 44.39 seconds, second was St Hill House in 14 minutes, 55.00 seconds, Jones House third in 15 minutes, 09.52 seconds, and fourth was Saunders House in 15 minutes, 36.74 seconds.

The Race started this morning Outside the Peace Memorial Hall in Kingstown, along the Richmond Hill Highway, turn right at the Sion Hill intersection, through Cane Garden, down Long Wall, turn right at Sharpe Street, then right at the Old JU-C Building and finish at the School Yard.

The 2019 Champions were St Hill in the Girls Division, and Saunders in the Boys Division. The School will hold its next Events in January 2021, with the staging of the Class Heats and Relay Classics at the Grammar School Playing Field.


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