Persons with severe allergic reactions can still take the COVID-19 vaccination

Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. Jerrol Thompson said people with allergic reactions should have no fear when taking the COVID19 Vaccine because the Ministry of Health has kits in place at all vaccination centers to respond to severe allergic reactions if they might occur.

He made this statement during the Face to Face program aired on NBC Radio earlier this week.

Dr. Thompson who was one of the first Vincentians to get vaccinated against the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) said if a person is to have an allergic reaction to a particular medication, these reactions would most times occur at the same time the medication is administered. He said some people are worried about severe allergic reactions also known as anaphylactic shocks.

He noted however that wherever COVID19 vaccines are being administered the agents will always have a kit to administer adrenaline to anyone who experiences a severe allergic reaction.