Highlights of CDC’s News Conference for Vincy Mas 2022

Chairman of the Carnival Development Corporation CDC Ricardo Adams has confirmed that the CDC’s proposal for Vincy Mas 2022 has been accepted by the Cabinet of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Speaking at a News Conference hosted by the CDC this morning, Mr. Adams outlined the conditions provided by Cabinet for the safe hosting of the Festival, noting that the plans are subject to change.

Mr. Adams also outlined the dates for this year’s Festival which he says will commence with a launch party on June 24th .

Meanwhile, Minister of Tourism and Culture, Carlos James said as the Ministry prepares to host Vincy Mas 2022, efforts will be made to ensure all patrons are safe during the various activities.

Delivering remarks at this morning’s News Conference, Minister James said the safety of everyone is top priority.

Minister James said if the specified population immunity against Covid-19 is not achieved, then safe zones will be established where Vincy Mas activities can be held in a scaled down but safe manner.