Regional Journalist endorses the Prime Minister’s stance in regards to the upcoming Summit of the Americas

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has received support from a Veteran Regional Journalist, for the position he has taken, in relation to the proposal by the United States to exclude Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua from the upcoming Summit of the Americas.

Journalist, Ricky Singh, in a letter to Prime Minister Gonsalves, said he read with admiration, the letter which Prime Minister Gonsalves sent to the current Chairman of Caricom, the Prime Minister of Belize, John Briceno.

Mr. Singh said he strongly endorses the Prime Minister’s position, that Caricom Heads of State must make a unified statement to collectively reject the proposal by the United States.

Mr. Singh expressed the view that it would be an act of betrayal for any Head of Government from the Caribbean to participate in the upcoming Summit of the Americas.

He said it would not only be disgraceful, but simply unforgivable for any Head of State or designated Foreign Minister to assert a concession on behalf of the peoples they represent by participating.

And, he added that he is in full alignment with the well-documented rationale of Prime Minister Gonsalves, on the large principles that are at stake.

Prime Minister Gonsalves has made it clear that St Vincent and the Grenadines’ attendance at the upcoming Summit of the Americas remains uncertain, unless Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua are invited to attend. Dr. Gonsalves said the United States Government does not have the right to exclude anyone from the summit.