Fisherman’s Day activities officially comes to an end

Local Fisherfolk and members of the public gathered at the Calliaqua Fisheries Centre yesterday afternoon, for a ceremony to mark the close of the annual Fisherman’s Day activities.

The Fisheries Division in the Ministry of Agriculture hosted  a scaled-down version of Fisherman’s Day, following a two-year break, due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.

At the end of the day, over two thousand pounds of fish were landed at the Calliaqua Fisheries Centre.

According to the results released by the Fisheries Division, 2798.31 pounds of fish were landed during yesterday’s activities.  Nineteen boats were registered for the competition but fourteen completed the exercise.

The boat with the heaviest catch in Class-One was Humble Me captained by Earl Medford, bringing in a catch of 411.6 lbs

Second was the boat Surprise-2, captained by Kenroy Bruce, with a catch of 402.8 lbs, while the vessel Ambitions captained by Kimron Thomas was third with a catch of 370.2 lbs

The vessel Ambitions was adjudged to have the heaviest single fish, weighing 28.5lbs, while the boat Humble Me was adjudged to have the largest number of fish, amounting to 305.

An official prize-giving ceremony will be held at a later date.