Tropical storm Fiona expected to pass North of SVG this weekend

The SVG Meteorological Service says Tropical Depression seven has become tropical storm Fiona and is forecast to pass north of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

The Met office says this storm will have no direct impact on SVG, but its presence and associated instability will influence the weather pattern across the islands during the next 3 days.

Model guidance indicates the highest chance of showers to be around Saturday, with a little over an inch is shown by Saturday night.

Today, skies will be partly cloudy, with light winds resulting in humid conditions and a chance of some localised showers as well as showers and thunderstorms in isolated places.

And by tomorrow, moisture would have increased over the islands and cloudy conditions are likely with a high chance of some scattered showers.

On Saturday, Met officials says scattered moderate showers and chance of isolated thunderstorms are forecast as a light southerly wind flow moves over the island chain.

Winds are forecast to blow from the east northeast at 10-20km/h, becoming southerly ,and could possibly become calm at times from around Friday.

Seas are forecast to be slight to moderate in open waters, with swells peaking at 1.0m on the western coast and 2.0m on the eastern coast. In addition, there will be no significant haze intrusion within this forecast period.