WPP successfully completes first regional strategic planning and team building workshop here in SVG

The World Pediatric Project (WPP) successfully completed its first regional strategic planning and team building workshop held here in SVG.

Present at the workshop was the CEO, Vafa Akhavan, a member of the Board of Directors, Tom Bond, all of the regional country representatives, along with other US and local staff members.

The sessions of the workshop were held at the Young Island Resorts from September 05th – 10th 2022.

The schedule was centered on transition and strategic planning for the next three years, database training, team building and overall wellness components.

The workshop was conducted to facilitate the training and empowerment for all the staff of the Caribbean.

WPP Executive Director for the Caribbean, Lauren McIntosh-Shallow said it was important to bring the team together and strengthen training across the board as the World Pediatric Project seeks to continuously improve the quality of care and service given to our families throughout the region.