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National 1st Division Cricket Results

I-Shallz Byam Physical Therapy, Victors (2) and Radcliffe (2) chalked-up victories in last weekend’s National Lotteries Authority 55-overs a-side First Division Cricket Championship. I-Shallz Byam Physical Therapy beat Triumph United Cricket Club Team “B” at the Buccament Bay Playing Field. SCORES: Triumph United Cricket Club Team “B”: 27 off 12-overs; Javon Samuel 5 for 7,… Continue Reading →

National Premier And 1st Division Cricket Fixtures

The National Lotteries Authority Premier and 55-overs a-side First Divisions Cricket Championships will continue this weekend. In the Premier Division, The News Spartans will take on Police (1) at the Park Hill Playing Field. And, in the 55-overs a-side First Division, I-Shallz Byam’s Physical Therapy will meet Triumph United Cricket Club “B” at the Buccament… Continue Reading →