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Food And Agriculture Data Collection Challenges

An official of the food and Agriculture Organization, FAO, has been outlining the challenges faced by persons who collect data on losses in the agricultural sector, following a natural disaster. The issue was raised by FAO Representative Dr. Sel-vara-ju Rama-samy, at the start of a two-day workshop aimed at providing information on reducing risks and… Continue Reading →

Challenges Faced By The Ministry In Solving The Problem Overweight Children In SVG

Chief Nutritionist in the Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment Andrea Robin has outlined the challenges which the Ministry is encountering in addressing the problem of overweight children. Mrs. Robin raised the issue, during NBC’s Views On Issues programme on Sunday, which examined the topic: Developing Health Lifestyles for Children Through Nutrition and Play…. Continue Reading →

SVG Faces Challenges With Non-communicable Diseases

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is among countries in the Caribbean which are being challenged by the increasing number of persons being afflicted by Chronic Non-communicable Diseases. The issue was raised by the Minister responsible for Consumer Affairs, Camillo Gonsalves, as he delivered a radio address to mark World Consumer Rights Day, which was observed… Continue Reading →