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SUSGREN Local Bird Ecosystem Monitoring

The Sustainable Grenadines Incorporated (SUSGREN) says during this year it will be hosting an extensive program to sensitize the public about Bird Monitoring and the importance of birds in the ecosystem. Program Officer for the Sustainable Grenadines Incorporated (SUSGREN), Orisha Joseph said the organization recently completed its Bird Sleuth training workshop on the Grenadine Island… Continue Reading →

Luke Punnett On The True Benefits Of Permaculture

Local Permaculturalist, Luke Punnett, has highlighted the many benefits of Permaculture – a new form of sustainable agriculture being introduced in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He was speaking on the Views On issues programme aired on NBC Radio on Sunday, which focuses on the topic: ‘Green Living’. Permaculture is the conscious design and maintenance… Continue Reading →

Vincentians encouraged To Take Advantage Of Opportunities In The Tourism Sector

Vincentians are being encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities available within the tourism sector, with the proper utilization of wetland ecosystems across the country. The advice came from Superintendent of Marine and Terrestrial Parks at the National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority, Andrew Lockhart, during NBC’s Face to Face programme this week. < script>… Continue Reading →

Vincentians Are Encourage To Observe World Wetlands Day

Vincentians are being encouraged to recognize the importance of wetlands to the natural ecosystem, as this country joins the global community in observing World Wetlands Day. World Wetlands Day is celebrated on February 02 each year and marks the date of the signing of the Convention on Wetlands, called Ramsar Convention, on February 2nd, 1971…. Continue Reading →