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Lazaras Foundation To Host A Rastafari Women’s Conference

The Lazaras Foundation will be hosting a Rastafari Women’s Conference this weekend with the aim of bringing together Rastafari women from throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The Conference will be held on Saturday July 25th, at the Red Cross Headquarters from 9 AM, under the theme “Together we aspire, together we achieve”. Director of… Continue Reading →

Building A Stong Nutritional Foundation For Children

Chief Education Officer, Lou Ann Gilchrist has emphasized the importance of establishing a strong foundation, to ensure that the nation’s children grow into healthy, productive citizens. Miss Gilchrist made the point, as she addressed participants at the start of workshop on Early Childhood Education on Tuesday June 9th. She said the enabling circumstances need to… Continue Reading →

Garifuna Heritage Foundation Archaeological Exhibition

An Exhibition focusing on the recent archaeological excavation and findings at Argyle will be staged here from today, as part of the International Garifuna Summit, to be hosted this week by the Garifuna Heritage Foundation. Two officials from Leiden University in the Netherlands are now in the state for Summit, which is being hosted by… Continue Reading →

Cancer Support Foundation “SCORCH” Has Been launched In SVG To provide Cancer Support

SCORCH which stands for I Am Standing Strong Courageous Optimistic Resilient Confident and Hopeful, was founded in January this year, and officially launched in August Founder Dr. Jozelle Miller says SCORCH was formed after she realized that many persons in treatment lack adequate support systems. She says the group meets once a month at which… Continue Reading →