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Dr. Ralph Gonsalves On The National Insurance Services 2015 Initiatives

The National Insurance Services NIS will be moving this year to carry out infrastructural development on the lands at Peters Hope The disclosure came from Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves during his Budget Address on Wednesday. The Prime Minister said the NIS is in relatively sound actuarial condition, but nevertheless has several challenges which must… Continue Reading →

The NIS Will Address The Issues Of Occupational Health And Safety This Year

The National Insurance Services, NIS, will be working closely with the Department of Labour this year, to address issues relating to occupational health and safety. Word of this has come from Executive Director of the NIS, Reginald Thomas, as he outlined the Agency’s plans for the year 2015. Mr. Thomas said moves will be made… Continue Reading →

Defensive Driving Training Programme Seeks Involvement Of Local Insurance Companies

Local Insurance Companies are being urged to get involved in the Defensive Driving Training Programme, which was launched here on the weekend. The Defensive Driving Course dubbed: left-side-of-the-road is an initiative of Sentry Insurance, and is being implemented in collaboration with Jaric Environment and Safety and the International Safety Council, with support from the local… Continue Reading →

BAICO To Receive Payout

Vincentian Policy Holders of the British American Insurance Company, BAICO, are in line to receive payments under phase three of a plan devised by the Governments of the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union, ECCU. Speaking at a News Conference yesterday, Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves said more than one hundred policy holders will receive payments soon…. Continue Reading →

Traffic Department Minibus Insurance Checks

The Traffic Department of the local Police Force will be moving soon to carry out checks to ensure that all minibuses are insured. The announcement was made by Head of the Department, Superintendent Kenneth John, during a special general meeting of the National Omnibuses Association, NOBA on Sunday. Superintendent John said the Police have observed… Continue Reading →