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Police Resume Search For Missing Persons – NEMO Establishes Crisis Centre

Police have resumed the search for the missing persons who were involved in an accident in Owia yesterday. The persons were passengers in a mini-bus went over an embankment and ended up into the sea at Rock Gutter yesterday morning. Police Officials say five bodies have so far been recovered and fourteen persons remain in… Continue Reading →

Persons Are Being Advised To Drink In Moderation For The Holiday Season

A strong word of caution has been issued to persons who may be inclined to increase their intake of alcohol during the Christmas Season. The warning has come from Chief Nutritionist in the Ministry of Health Wellness and the Environment, Andrea Robin, as person prepare to engage in celeb rations during the Christmas holidays. Discussing… Continue Reading →

An Appeal Has Been Made Here For A Greater Level Of Government Support For Persons With Disabilities

Esroy Bute of the National Society of Persons with Disabilities made the appeal, as St. Vincent and the Grenadines joined with the global community yesterday to observe the International Day of Persons with Disabilities Speaking on NBC’s Interface Program yesterday, Mr. Bute urged Policy Mallow persons with disabilities to participate fully. He said there are… Continue Reading →

Persons May Have To Leave Their Homes To Lessen Damages During A Volcanic Eruption

Director of the National Emergency Management Organization, NEMO, Howie Prince has highlighted the challenges which Disaster Management officials are likely to face here, in the event of an eruption of La Soufriere Volcano. Mr. Prince raised the issue, during a one-day consultation hosted by NEMO on Tuesday, to examine the Revised National Volcano Emergency Plan…. Continue Reading →