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CARDI Coconut Production Workshop Update

Some twenty-thousand US dollars has been allocated to this country for the development of the Coconut Industry. This is part of a project coordinated by the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute CARDI and the European Union. Representatives from CARDI were here last week to network with stakeholders in the Coconut Industry. They conducted a… Continue Reading →

Dr. Ralph Gonsalves Potential Medical Marijuana Production

Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves has been discussing the foreign investment potential for the development of Medical Marijuana Production. Dr. Gonsalves raised the issue, during remarks at a ceremony held at Cabinet Room on Tuesday, to mark the signing of an agreement between the Government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Compete Caribbean, for… Continue Reading →

The Ministry Of Agriculture Preparing To Launch A National Production Plan

Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Caesar said too many gaps exist in the production systems in St. Vincent and the Grenadines and they want to launch a National conversation to address this issue. The Minister said they have held a number of consultations over the past years in addressing this issue and this work will continue…. Continue Reading →

Local Banana Industry Could See A Boost With New Acres of Land Allocated For Production

Minister of Agriculture, Saboto Ceasar, said they intend to produce five hundred acres worth of Banana Plantlets for 2015. He gave this assurance during his contribution to the debate on the 2015 National Budget in Parliament yesterday. Minister Ceasar said they will be maximizing the production of these plantlets at the Tissue Culture Lab, as… Continue Reading →

NAMPA Aims To Innovative The Local Agricultural Sector

The National Agricultural Marketing and Production Agency NAMPA says it will be looking at innovative ways to further develop the local Agricultural Sector. Agriculturalist and Member of the Group, Clive Bishop tells NBC News that there are plans to develop the sector through a Market driven approach. He said farmers need to become more successful… Continue Reading →