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Good Role Models Are Needed To Make A Positive Impact On The Younger Generation Of Society

A member of the Caricom Youth Ambassadors SVG Committee, Chelcia Ferdinand, said the presence of role models could make a positive impact on the development of young people. She made the point on the Views On Issues programme aired on NBC Radio on Sunday, which focused on the topic: “Creating positive role models for our… Continue Reading →

Fraud And Abuse Has Negative Impacts On Various Members Of Society

Certified Fraud Examiner Kirk Da Silva has highlighted the negative economic impact of fraud and abuse on the public and private sectors. Speaking on NBC’s Views On Issues programme on the topic: Occupational Fraud and Abuse. Mr. DaSilva noted that both fraud and abuse have a significantly deleterious impact on the productivity and economic viability… Continue Reading →

Society Should Look At Ex-Convicts As On Who Paid His/Her Dept Says Former Inmate

Former prison inmate Grantley Bramble says he would like to see a greater level of assistance for ex- prisoners to be reintegrated into society. Mr. Bramble, who spent fourteen years behind bars said that inmates struggle to transition from prisoner to a free member of society. Speaking on NBC’s Face to Face Program this morning,… Continue Reading →

Disability Month’s Activities Will Recognize Contributions To Society Made By Persons With Disabilities

National Disability Awareness Month is being observed here under the theme: “Sustainable Development: The promise of Technology” The National Society of Persons with disabilities in partnering with Organizations and Institutions serving persons with disabilities to host the activities from November 3rd to December 3rd The activities include a Church Service this Saturday at the Calder… Continue Reading →

Kenrick Quashie Will Attend A Workshop On Civil Society Overseas

Vincentian Kenrick Quashie is to participate in the U.S. Government sponsored International Visitor Leadership Programme, IVLP. A release from the U.S. Embassy in Barbados says Mr. Quashie will travel to the United States this month as the latest Eastern Caribbean participant in the IVLP Programme. Mr. Quashie is the founder and Managing Director of Youth… Continue Reading →

COPCO Says Meeting Was A Success

The Cocoa Producers Cooperative Society Limited (COPCO) held a successful meeting this week, as the move to revive this country’s cocoa industry has been taken one step further. The meeting, which was held on Tuesday at Frenches House, heard a report from the interim committee and elected a Board of Directors and a Supervisory Committee… Continue Reading →